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How can I keep you updated? 

It’s really simple.  You can choose to simply follow my Facebook page, my Twitter feed, or subscribe to the AlaLandMan Blog.  All three are conveniently located on the right hand side of every page on the AlaLandMan Blog  All three will send you an update each and everytime we update the AlaLandMan Blog.  If you want to be absolutely certain not to miss any updates, I would suggest subscribing to the AlaLandMan Blog by using the subscribe function on the right side of this page.

Why Subscribe to updates? 

  1. Be among the first to know about new listings and price reductions.
  2. Be able to keep track of listings as they move through the market chain.
  3. Relevant information for buyers and sellers who are in the market.
  4. Fine-tune your market knowledge to make better purchase and sale decisions.
  5. Get market direction opinion/updates from an experienced professional who is in the market everyday.
  6. Informative information for landowners.
  7. This is how I keep my prospects up-to-date. It is impossible to call hundreds of people every time something about a listing changes, a new property comes to market, or a piece of information that is valuable to buyers and sellers becomes available. However, through the technology of blogging, you can keep up with all of this by email, Facebook, or Twitter.

I WILL NOT sell your address, or share your email address with anyone.  This is how I keep my customers and prospects up-to-date.  If you want to be in the “know” when it comes to super deals, new listings, news about the Land Market, and great information for landowners … and you want me to help you be in the “know”, then subscribe now!

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