LandLines Gold – Get your membership FREE!

When I began looking at the results of the LandLines Returns issue you received last, you made it perfectly clear that you want more information on those Hot Deals. So I have started a new segment to The AlaLandMan Blog where that information will be available. Most of the time the properties that I put in the Hot Deals section have to be shown differently than my regular listed properties. These are deals that I have picked out of all the availabilities in the market and identified as being really good deals. Doing this takes time, effort, and market knowledge. These are the things that make my business work. So I have developed a way to get this information to you without compromising the way I make my living and Alabama Real Estate Law. You see, by law, I cannot advertise someone else’s listings. I can however communicate these listings to my potential customers…you. In order to give you the information you want, and not publicly advertise other’s listings, I have developed LandLines Gold.

LandLines Gold is a FREE membership you can get by simple request. I will email you the password, and you will be able to access the information you have been looking for. When you click on one of the Hot Deals, it will ask you for the password. Simply type it in and you will be able to open the posting with detailed information on the Hot Deal you are interested in. No strings.

As a current LandLines subscriber you only need to email me and request the password. Anyone else need only to subscribe to LandLines and request the password. This section of The AlaLandMan Blog is for potential customers only. It’s not for other agents…I know I have many agents that subscribe to LandLines and follow the AlaLandMan Blog. You are just going to have to understand.

I hope your February is going well. We are seeing signs of economic improvement, however slight. That would indicate strengthening of prices in the future. If you’ve been waiting…it’s time!

Current LandLines subscribers request your LandLines Gold membership password HERE

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