Muleshoe Bend Outfitters offered by Robert King with AlaLandCo

New LogoAlaLandCo is proud to be offering for sale Muleshoe Bend Outfitters, a 1255+/- acre hunting preserve located on the banks of the Tallapoosa River in Chambers County Alabama. Muleshoe Bend Outfitters consists of 720+/- deeded acres, 5+ miles of frontage on the Tallapoosa River, 535+/- leased acres, a lodge, 2 bunkhouses, over 40 hunting stand locations, orchards, vineyards, BIG timber, and all the wildlife that comes with it. With 30+ years of intensive professional management of wildlife and timber, this represents an opportunity that is unparallelled in the market today.

muleshoebend (1)“The Bend” as it is called by it’s owner and steward, Dr. John Crook, is one of the finest hunting properties in the South. The property has been developed with a keen eye toward sustainability, both in the wildlife and the economic aspects of the timber growing on the property. The opportunity to continue building on this foundation is one seldom seen. Most “hunting plantations” have the benefit of a few years of management when these come to market. Dr. Crook has dedicated his time and efforts to this property for over 30 years. Thousands of mast-bearing trees have been established on this property. Miles and miles of trails have been put in. Countless hours have been spent perfecting the property to optimize it’s wildlife potential and economic return.

Muleshoe Bend Outfitters will be a turn-key operation, ready-to-go for it’s new owner. Offered alongside the real estate are the equipment used to maintain the property, vast files of information regarding property management, and the website, Muleshoe has been, and can be run as a pay-for-hunt operation. The website would be invaluable there. If a private hunting preserve or a family compound suits your tastes better, then the site could be useful as a blog.

More information about this recreational and INVESTMENT opportunity can be found by visiting our website, or by calling Robert King at 256-252-9239.

Man’s use of fire to help balance natural world; nothing new

Here is an article I came across from The Wetumpka Herald on the benefits to the pine forest ecosystem of burning.  I think it’s important to get this information out there since so many people think that all forest fires are bad.  Our pine forests must have fire to be in balance.

By Rebecca Bearden

The sweet aroma of Southern pine tree snags smoldering on a warm February afternoon is a fragrance most appreciated when standing on the safe side of a secure fireline. Creeping across the blackened Alabama landscape, smoke alone remained from the intense flames that rolled through the forest earlier in the day.

The fire crew made executing a successful Sunday morning prescribed burn on 1,800 acres of the Oakmulgee Ranger District in the Talladega National Forest look easy, like this group had been working in step their entire lives. In reality, this team of skilled fire specialists, wildlife biologists, timber markers and equipment operators hailed from ranger districts throughout Alabama and even included a volunteer from Oregon. Well versed in teamwork, communication, fire behavior and safety, each member of this diverse band share one common passion—they love fire.

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Tree Stands and Hunter Safety

The Daily Home published an article on January 29th, that I just ran across and I thought I would pass it along. There have been four fatalities in the State of Alabama this year from falls involving tree stands. There are several tips and strategies to avoid such accidents contained in the article. If you are a tree-stand hunter, or know someone who is, read this article and put those safety tips into practice.

Improper Tree Stand

Here is an example of what NOT to do.  In my times in the forests of Alabama, I have ran across some interesting things.  This one takes the cake.  If you will look closely at the photo, you will notice a common folding chair affixed to a tree.  What you cannot tell in the photo is that it is 20+  feet from the ground and affixed by nails through the back of the chair.   My friend, Ray Clifton with the Alabama Forestry Association, and I were out looking at timberland property for sale when we ran across this take on a tree stand.  I’m hoping it was done as a joke, and that no one is actually hunting from a stand such as this…but you never know.  Kids, don’t try this at home!

Turkeys! – Farm For Sale in Coosa County Alabama

Wild Turkeys on Weogufka Creek

I went out to take a few photos of the farm I have listed for sale on Weogufka Creek near Stewartville last week and came across these turkeys on the place.

Now, this is not all of them, it is simply all I could fit in the frame of the photo.  Neal Vinson, another of our Land Agents at AlaLandCo, was with me and can vouch for my story here.  We were close enough to these turkeys that I thought I might jump and grab one by the neck.  Never have I seen so many wild turkeys in one place, and quite willing to tolerate my presence.  We drove to within 20 yards of these in my Blazer.  When they eventually did fly, it reminded me of those shots on National Geographic when a group of migratory birds take flight…it was awesome!

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