About Robert King

Q: Need the number of a Land Sales Agent who “gets it?”
A: Download Robert’s contact info for future reference.

My name is Robert King, and I am a Land Agent with AlaLandCo, Alabama’s premier land and farm sales company.  I am also licensed in Georgia with our sister company, LandSouth.   I am a native of Clay County, RK_head_blogAlabama and have lived here all of my life. I have over 15 years experience in marketing and selling property in Alabama and I am dedicated to providing the top-notch service to land sellers and land buyers that only a Land Sales Professional can.

In 2003, I joined AlaLandCo, an up and coming land marketing firm located in Dadeville, Alabama, so that I could make my living doing something I love–that’s being outdoors and meeting new people. Since then our firm has expanded greatly. We have truly become The Alabama Land Sales Leader. In the time since joining the AlaLandCo Team, my personal business and contacts have grown and I finished my formal education with a B.S. in Ag Business and Economics from Auburn University.

In 2013, AlaLandCo formed a new company, LandSouth.  We saw a need to help our clients in Georgia with the same top-flight service our Alabama customers have come to expect from AlaLandCo.  We are currently expanding our market in Georgia with new listings and 5 Land Agents.

I also partner with other agents throughout Alabama and Georgia to help bring their clients leverage the marketing power of AlaLandCo and LandSouth.  As a member of the Realtor’s Land Institute, an organization specifically purposed to advance the professionalism of those in my profession, I have connections throughout the South to help bring buyers and sellers together.

I am also a contributor to the LandThink Blog, which is an effort to inform buyers and land industry professionals about land issues, utilizing the blog format.  It’s a great place to “Get Land Smart.”

Personally, I live on and help operate our family’s cattle operation, King Cattle Farm.  I am married and have two wonderful sons. I love living and working on the farm. My pastimes include canoeing, hiking, fishing, and hunting. Alabama and Georgia affords me and my family great opportunities to participate in all of these pastimes and to spend time together in the beautiful Southern  outdoors.

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