Coming to the Market – The View!

This property will be on the market very soon.  I located this view many years ago and the current owner has really made it nice.  55 acres…only $99,000.  It’s looking out at the Talladega National Forest.  90 minutes from Birmingham.  You can drive right through the property to this view.  You can surf the Internet sitting right in that spot.  There is power available if you need such things here.  I think a tent and campfire suit it well, but I can envision a great cabin there.  Private.  Private.  Accessible.  The owner has even got a well about 20 yards from this spot.  There is a great spring head on the property too.  Turkeys….everywhere.  Saw some today.   I remember many years ago taking my truck, parking it there, and working from that spot.  It does not get any better.  I’ve had friends camp there by permission.  Some of you reading this will recognize it.  It can be yours.  Call me.  256-252-9239

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