Farming Alabama & Georgia

In the last several weeks, I have had the opportunity to view many cattle, poultry, and row crop operations in Alabama and Georgia.  These operations are as varied as you could ever imagine.  However, the people are somewhat of a constant.  Poultry farmers in South Alabama sound exactly like poultry farmers in North Georgia.  Cattlemen everywhere are having the same conversation…record prices on cattle, and “Where do we go from here?”.  Row crop farmers invariably center their conversations around the lack of, or more than ample amount of moisture from the sky.  Extreme North Georgia farms are a very different landscape than extreme South Alabama, but the highly independent people found in both places are all very much the same.  All of the places are rural and dotted with church buildings.  All of the people share a deep love of country, a healthy distrust of government, and a disdain for our current administration…and all of that squares perfectly together in my mind. 

Our farmers are the best in the world.  On the collective, there is no more powerful, yet humble group of people on the planet.  They know what it takes to make it, and make it they will.  

Thomas Jefferson envisioned our republic as a nation of farmers…where everyone was intimately tied to the land.  Genesis chapter two tells us exactly how tied to the land we are.  God made us from the dust of the earth, and then he placed his crowning creation in a beautiful garden, and gave us dominion over it.  Farming is noble.  It shows faith in the Creator like few other things.  When you see the beauty of a cotton field in it’s fall glory, you see a master architect.  Thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to live and work with farmers in your beautiful creation.  

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