A couple of years ago we noticed a gap in the marketing of poultry farms in Alabama.  There were many agents who happened to have a poultry farm listed for sale, but few that seemed to meet the real needs of poultry farm buyers and sellers.  We began to develop a solution to this, as the partnership between AlaLandCo and SonUp Real Estate grew.  About a year ago, we were able to bring online, and give poultry farmers a quality service.  Randall Upchurch with SonUp Real Estate partnered with me and AlaLandCo  in developing this business, and we continue to work on improvements to the marketing of poultry farms.  Randall was raised on a poultry farm in Lineville, Alabama.  He gets it.  He knows the commitment, the issues, and the benefits of running a poultry farm.  Randall is a great salesman.  Having been employed in the livestock feed industry before becoming one of the leading agents in Alabama, Randall has the connections to get things done.  By combining his knowledge, experience, and salesmanship with our marketing program at AlaLandCo and agri-business knowledge and connections, we have built a marketing venue specifically tailored to the needs of poultry growers. is growing.  We currently have many farms available throughout the state of Alabama.  If you have an interest in buying or selling a poultry farm, contact us.  We will be happy to consult with you.  We will be glad to help guide you through the process.  Buying and Selling a poultry farm is not the same as other real estate.  There are so many opportunities for plans to run afoul of reality.  We’ve worked through many of those issues, and that experience is invaluable in bringing together a successful poultry farm closing.

We also have many tracts of land available that would make excellent poultry farm sites.  Many of the integrators  are expanding, and building new farms.  Let us help you improve your future.  Visit the site now.

If you are an agent with a poultry farm listing, or know someone who is looking to buy or sell a poultry farm, please contact us.  We have referral and co-op programs available to help you turn a good prospect into a successful sale.

Robert King

Randall Upchurch



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