Cattle Farm For Sale in the Coosa Valley

330+/- Acre Cattle Farm/Ranch For Sale in Elmore County, Alabama

330 Acres Pastureland For Sale in Elmore County Alabama

Two of our agents at AlaLandCo, Neal Vinson and Pat Miaoulis have listed a really nice cattle farm in Holtville, Alabama.  Holtville is located in Elmore County, just north of Montgomery and in the Coosa River Valley.  There is a total of 330+/- Acres of pastureland for sale there.  I had noticed the property on our website, just as many of you will do, and decided I liked it enough to go down and visit the place for myself.  I took my family and we went down to take a look at the property over the weekend.

Fenced and Crossfenced

On the way there, we passed through the hills of Coosa County, portions of Chilton County, the corner of Autauga County, and then into Elmore County.  Almost on cue at the Chilton / Autauga county line the rolling forested hills gave way to flat row-crop river bottom land and gently rolling pastures.  The property is one of these gently rolling pastures.  It lays on top of one of the highest hills for several miles and has some really nice long-range views.  There are numerous pecan orchards scattered throughout the property and several really nice homesites on the property.  There is electric power ran into the property.  There are currently Charolais cattle on the property.

330+/- beautiful acres

For someone like myself that has been in the cattle business all of their life, this place could be a dream come true.  Just a little bit of TLC and the pastureland there could easily produce good bahaiagrass in the summer and high-quality ryegrass in the winter.  There is a hilltop near the center of the property that would make an outstanding location for your home or ranch headquarters.  There is a nice pecan orchard right there to complete the scene.

This property has a great deal of potential.  It’s not far from Montgomery and there is easy access off of I-65 if you are coming from Birmingham.  If you have been looking for a real cattle ranch in central Alabama, this is your chance.  The seller will consider dividing the property.  As a whole, it is priced at $3,250/acre…which is a great price for the area.


If you would like to learn more about this property, contact me below or call me at:  256-252-9239.

Tree Stands and Hunter Safety

The Daily Home published an article on January 29th, that I just ran across and I thought I would pass it along. There have been four fatalities in the State of Alabama this year from falls involving tree stands. There are several tips and strategies to avoid such accidents contained in the article. If you are a tree-stand hunter, or know someone who is, read this article and put those safety tips into practice.

Improper Tree Stand

Here is an example of what NOT to do.  In my times in the forests of Alabama, I have ran across some interesting things.  This one takes the cake.  If you will look closely at the photo, you will notice a common folding chair affixed to a tree.  What you cannot tell in the photo is that it is 20+  feet from the ground and affixed by nails through the back of the chair.   My friend, Ray Clifton with the Alabama Forestry Association, and I were out looking at timberland property for sale when we ran across this take on a tree stand.  I’m hoping it was done as a joke, and that no one is actually hunting from a stand such as this…but you never know.  Kids, don’t try this at home!