Big Trees, Secluded Acreage For Sale in Alabama

Yesterday, I spent the morning with a forester in the woods off of an Alabama backroad.  We were looking at a small acreage tract he has for sale near the Talladega National Forest.  Getting to the property involved a short trip down a dirt road through a “country” neighborhood.  The kind of place where your grandparents lived at.  The tract we were looking at was not large, but it was impressive.  Not many days do I get to see a property with a 50+ year old stand of mature pines, oaks, and hickories.  Not many times am I able to walk through a stand with the kind of beauty that was there.  The morning was cool.  Among the first of those kind of days we have had this fall.  You could definitely feel the crispness in the air.  Visions of that big buck under the white oak tree came to mind.  Is this what Alabama forests looked like a hundred years ago?  Did everything look like a national forest or a state park?

I will have a little more information on this property in the coming days.  Go ahead and subscribe to the email updates on the right hand side of the page so that you don’t miss it!  I have a feeling it won’t last long.  Yes, this picture was taken on the property.  I have more that I will share when we bring the property to market.

I’m fortunate.  On occasion, due to my profession, I get to see little gems like this.  Not everybody does.  I happen to believe that smart conservation of places like this can co-exist with modern forest practices.  God gave us an astonishing Earth.  He also gave us dominion over it.  With that gift comes a responsibility to use it wisely.  Thank you God for providing this for us.  Thank you God for allowing me to make my living in the wilds of your creation.

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