LandThink Summit 2010

Yesterday, I attended the LandThink Summit 2010 along with a few of my colleagues from AlaLandCo and land industry professionals from all over the country.  The goal of the Summit was to bring together professionals from different aspects of the land industry.  There were land brokers, investors, land lenders, foresters, consultants, surveyors, and other professionals there.  We had a number of speakers on topics ranging from financing land purchases to real estate trends to timber prices.  It was a great opportunity and a great success.  My hats off to the folks at LandThink for organizing and hosting the event.

The keynote speaker was former Florida State University coach Bobby Bowden.  He presented a great motivational message on some of the aspects of successful leadership.  If you ever have the opportunity to hear Coach Bowden speak, take advantage.

LandThink is a great resource for information about land-related issues.  It is a blogging platform with contributors from many aspects of the land industry.  I, along with Jonathan Goode contribute there regularly.  One of the founders of, (which is one of the most successful Internet land listing sites) Ryan Folk, started as a way to provide information to a public that is eager to learn about land.  The readership there has grown tremendously and the information available there has as well.  I encourage anyone interested in land to subscribe to LandThink.

There was a great deal of valuable information presented during the Summit and some of it will be made available on the LandThink Blog.  As it becomes available, I will be directing you to some of it.  There was a great deal of insight into the market that should be interesting to all.

One thought on “LandThink Summit 2010

  1. Great recap Robert! I want to personally thank you for your participation, contributions and enthusiasm. You are clearly a leader in the land business and serious about your career. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing more feedback from you!

    Ryan Folk

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