Dividing for Profit

I ran across this article by Curtis Seltzer over on the LandThink Blog.  In it he simplifies the art of buying and dividing a property.  He explains in laymen’s terms how one can buy at wholesale then sell off the pieces at a retail price.  This is a good strategy for current sellers to adapt as well.  If your land is not selling, dividing the property may be an option to consider.

How does division produce addition?

By Curtis Seltzer on October 6, 2009

One of the most tried and true business strategies for building wealth is also the most simple—in concept, at least.

Start with one square yard — nine square feet — of cotton cloth at $3. Take it home, and cut it into nine equal pieces. Hem each piece on all four sides. Then sell nine handkerchiefs for $1 each. Costs might total $6, and net profit might be $3. This’ll work for most of us.

READ MORE HERE:  http://www.landthink.com/land-buying-investing/how-does-division-produce-addition/

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