Riding Dirt Roads

Following is a blog post from my assistant, Richard Arnold. He lives in Clay County, Alabama in the Millerville Community and writes a blog about Country Living. I hope you enjoy it. – Robert


I just returned from 3 days of working in the big city (Atlanta) with a client and when I go on these regular trips, I just can’t wait to get back home. I can’t wait until the last 3-4 minutes of my ride home when I hit the dirt road that leads to our home. There is just something good about the slow ride down a dirt road.

In the summer, the temperature drops about 5 degrees on our road as you glide through the twist and turns under the thick hardwood canopy. I catch myself smiling wide as I take in the beauty and keep my eyes wide open for another surprise glimpse of a turkey, deer, hawk or other country animal. The ride down our dirt road does my soul wonders.

In the wintertime, it is so quiet. No matter the temperature, I catch myself turning the radio off and rolling the window down so I can hear every noise in the woods. Our road is posted 20 MPH but I suspect I am rolling along even slower – especially at dusk and dawn when the deer pepper_road-1are usually roaming.

When I was growing up in the big city back in the 50s and 60s, there were still a number of dirt roads we would wander just to get away – now you don’t find many dirt roads in the cities. When my buddies and I go backpacking and hiking in the north Georgia mountains, most of the trails we take require a ride down a nice, cooling, and soothing dirt road. It sets the tone for the hike. Slows you down. Makes you look with your eyes, nose and ears. You just don’t ever know what you may see and or capture in your mind’s photo gallery. It is wonderful.

I love my ride down our dirt road to our new home in the country. As I got out of the car with my bag and briefcase, I stopped and listened. So peaceful and quiet except for the frogs down by the creek. I’m thankful I’m here and my dirt road welcomed me home again.


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