Trip Report: Horseshoe Bend

Pictures from Horseshoe Bend 020The family and I had the opportunity to visit Horseshoe Bend National Military Park today.  The park is located on the Tallapoosa River near Newsite, Alabama in Tallapoosa County.  The park is on the site of a pivotal battle between our young republic and the Creek Indian Nation. Andrew Jackson fought the Red Sticks here.  The Red Sticks were a militant group of Creek Indians.  The defeat of the Creeks at this bend in the Tallapoosa River lead to the eventual cedeing of over 23 million acres of land by the Creeks to the U.S.  This is most of what is now Alabama.  There are walking and hiking trails, boat ramp access to the river, a driving tour, several beautiful vistas overlooking the battlesite, and of course the Tallapoosa River.  Inside the visitor Pictures from Horseshoe Bend 039center you will find a museum that tells the story of the demise of the Creek Nation, a 20-minute video about the battle, and many interesting books about the Creek Nation and early Alabama.  There are picnic areas too!  This is a great half-day trip for anyone looking to get out of the house for a bit.  The grounds are nearly perfectly manicured as the property is managed by the Department of the Interior.  Come over and spend half a day there…we can spend the other half looking and land we have for sale in the area.  Our office is just about 15 minutes away in Dadeville.  Get a little lesson in Alabama History, and indeed, American History while you are here.

Pictures from Horseshoe Bend 006Pictures from Horseshoe Bend 004Pictures from Horseshoe Bend 021

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