Canoe Trip on the Tallapoosa River

My girlfriend and I took a trip down the Tallapoosa River in a canoe today.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and a great way to spend a Saturday. Tallapoosa River Outfitters provided the canoe and the shuttle service to the put-in.  We put in at a farm in Cleburne County just south of I-20.  The take out was at Tallapoosa River Outfitters Tallapoosa River

(TRO) on Alabama Highway 46 … right beside the river bridge.  Lex Brown, with First South Farm Credit, runs TRO.  You should get in touch with Lex for a great river trip, or for help in financing your next land purchase … He is great at both!

A trip along this portion of the Tallapoosa River is great for beginners … get your feet wet … without getting the rest of you wet if you don’t want to!  Lots of nice sandbars to take out on and swim if you do want to get wet though!

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